Kelsey and Tyler Sigman, August 8, 2015

It’s the personal touches that make a wedding your day, not just any other day, something that Kelsey and Tyler Sigman understood fully when planning their special day.


Their ceremony was none other than a southern soiree in which the bride shone with a crown of vines tucked into her sleek updo. Lanterns with florals by The Wedding Woman were featured both at the ceremony and as centerpieces on the reception tables giving an air of summer sophistication to the festivities.

From the friends and family involved in the ceremony, Kelsey and Tyler took communion with their parents after exchanging rings to bless their marriage, to the guests’ willingness to dance the night away, this was a night to remember for everyone in attendance.

For favors, guests were allowed to select their very own succulent plant to take home with them and watch it grow as Kelsey and Tyler’s love for one another would. Succulents are not only Kelsey’s favorite plant but also have a reputation for being drought resistant. After witnessing the celebration of love on Saturday, it is clear this new couple’s love will never go through a dry spell!

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