Karin and Jon — October 13, 2012

Every wedding that happens on The Sutherland’s grounds is extremely special, but seeing our close friends Karin and Jon tie the knot on the property held a very close place in our hearts.


We must say, the country chic theme wears well on The Sutherland’s historic grounds! As always, The Purple Poppy Florist found the perfect way to tie all of this together with these stunning burlap-wrapped florals hanging from chairs down the aisle.

Lanterns and framed chalkboards served as the perfect centerpieces, adding a touch of country charm to every table. The look was completed, of course, with mason jars for all and natural wooden spheres hanging from the top of the tent. A special thanks to Rocky Top Catering for filling these tables with amazing eats for the guests!

If you have any kind of sweet tooth like some of us at The Sutherland, you would’ve fallen head over heels (or loafers) for this to-die-for cupcake display. The ‘cupcake cake’ made for a grand statement piece at the Chmelo’s wedding and we can affirm that attendees enjoyed gobbling this display right up!

We’re so happy you spent your big day with us, Karin and Jon! We can’t wait to see what’s next for the both of you; we know you have an amazing and successful future ahead!

Oh, and we couldn’t resist throwing in some of Ashley Perry Blevins’ photos from throughout the couple’s special day. What gorgeous, gorgeous images! Thanks Ashley!